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Upekkha cleaning equipment and hygiene products

The only experts in cleaning that you truly need!

We provide high quality cleaning equipment and hygiene products all around Malaysia with efficient aftersales and great customer service!

20 Years Experience

Proven cleaning professionals

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12 Months Warranty

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Malaysia's Leading Cleaning Equipment Supplier

Upekkha has been in the cleaning equipment industry since it was incorporated in the year 2003. Serving customers for 20 years and counting, there is no doubt that we are the professionals that you need in your search for top quality cleaning products and services

Upekkha's goal is to educate as many buyers and users as possible so that everybody may have an efficient and effective experience in cleaning! 

Upekkha offers free consultation and demonstration especially to those who are unsure about what cleaning products do they need! Rest assured that our professionally trained helpers will get you on your way from whatever stress, problems and headaches that you have!

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Brands & Certifications

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Why choose us?

Upekkha is dedicated to the goal of supplying the best cleaning products and services because we believe that everyone deserves nothing but the best! 

Upekkha prides itself on the quality of products rather than the aspect of price. It doesn't matter when a product is cheap in price if the product itself does not perform up to standards.

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Seasoned experts!

It's not only that our prices are considered affordable and of high quality, it is the invaluable expertise that our staff possess that makes the magic happen here at Upekkha! 

Upekkha is confident on solving all your cleaning problems and needs with our promising and ever expanding portfolio as the fastest growing cleaning equipment supplier in Malaysia!

Offering you the best cleaning products for your needs!

Our cleaning products comes with perks focusing on quality of life as a customer! Experience unmatched exceptional service with our quality cleaning products and after-sales support!

Free Demo & Consultation

Experience the power and performance of our cleaning products firsthand. Our experts will guide you through the features and benefits of our cleaning products, helping you make an informed decision and achieve your intended results!

Swift Repairs

Our professional trained and dedicated technicians minimizes your cleaning equipment downtime and ensure uninterrupted cleaning tasks! Rest assured that your cleaning equipment will always be in top condition!

Aftersales Service

Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end at the point of sale. Our comprehensive aftersales service ensures that you get the most out of your equipment, with expert advice, regular maintenance, and prompt support whenever you need it!

We Can't Wait To Meet You!

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Need help in choosing the right cleaning equipment?

Serving customers since 2003, Upekkha is confident in solving whatever worries and troubles effectively in an efficient manner! 
We are the best cleaning product supplier that you can ever get!

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We are constantly striving and improving to be the best for our customers!