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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Floor Scrubber Machine

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In the olden days, the only tool available for floor cleaning was sweeping with the broom. The broom is then replaced with the mop to help further the standard of cleaning with the inclusion of water which we would call the action mopping. Even though the mop existed somewhere in the 1400s, it was not until the year 1893 where Thomas W Stewart was awarded a patent for his invention on the mop that comes with a replaceable head. It also comes with a device that dries the mop where today we call it the wringer.

Due to technological advancement, the mop and wringer bucket are no longer viable as they are unable to achieve the current acceptable standard of cleanliness as they did in the past. The mop and bucket are considered obsolete in today’s age and simply not an option to consider if one wishes to do a proper floor cleaning job. This is especially true in the situation when one is tasked with the cleaning of warehouses or locations that has a large surface area. Thankfully with the technology we have today, we are now surrounded by various floor scrubber machines to help ease our burdens on floor cleaning tasks.

1. Consistent Variable Agitation

Since mopping operates through manual labour, the agitation provided is not constant as the energy output is dependent on factors such as the physical and mental of the cleaner. An operator performs best at the start of carrying out any task, but this may not be the case once the job is being done midway or when the operator encounters difficulty with a stubborn floor stain. Compared to a floor scrubber machine, the machine will output constant power through electricity thus providing consistent and reliable performance.

Floor scrubber machines such as Upekkha’s SD400WS Single Disk Floor Scrubber offers different levels of agitation through various accessories available. Such examples are different grades of 3M floor pads and steel brushes of various shapes and sizes. They are to be used on stubborn floor stains, foreign hardened dirt, paint chips and ice when the scrubbing brush is not enough for the job. Upekkha’s SD400WS Single Disk Floor Scrubber machine is like no other with its various exchangeable floor agitator accessories.

2. Un-Recycled Transportation Medium

The medium of transportation here refers to the water that carries the impurities collected by the mop during cleaning. As we all know, the water in the wringer bucket usually never gets replaced after mop rinsing. This practice not only turns the water dirty as the impurities collected are reapplied unto the floor.

By using a floor scrubber machine such as the Upekkha Upscrub 5050 Floor Scrubber Dryer, the situation said above can be avoided as the machine comes equipped with two storage chambers. A clean water tank for the unused water and soap mixture and a collection tank where the contaminated dirty water is picked up from the floor and stored in. Using a separate container tank mechanism improves floor cleanliness drastically as compared to using the mop and bucket.

Upekkha’s UpScrub 5050 Floor Scrubber dryer series comes with 50 Litre capacity clean water and dirty water tanks, a generous size among its kind on the market!

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Upekkha Upscrub 5050 Floor Scrubber Dryer

3. Ease of Convenience

As the purpose of the mop and bucket were to clean and dry the floor in the first place, such a method is undesired with the existence of Upekkha UpScrub 5050 Floor Scrubber Dryer. It comes not only just with a built-in agitator motor but also comes with a reliable vacuum feature. With a floor squeegee attached to the dirty water tank through a suction hose powered by the vacuum motor, the operator scrubs the floors spotless and dries the floors clean all in one go without any hassle.

The only responsibility that an operator has to take care of would be the cleanliness of the machine. An example of such tasks would be to empty and clean the dirty water tank after operating the machine. This is to ensure that the dirty water tank is not lined with impurities which could harden over time and reduce the overall capacity of the dirty water tank. The floor squeegee and the suction hose too has to be checked and cleaned frequently to ensure that no blockage might reduce the efficacy of the suction of dirty water from the floor.

4. Efficient Performance

Through automizing manual labour of floor cleaning and combining several tasks into one with the help of a floor scrubbing machine such as the Upekkha UpScrub 5050 Floor Scrubber Dryer, the operator can produce constant, efficient, and optimized cleaning performance no matter the surface area is intended to be cleaned! It is now possible to achieve and maintain the highest standard of cleanliness!

With floor scrubber machines that can output constant maximum and efficient performance, we can allocate more task and responsibilities on other matters to the operator as the operator no longer need to waste a whole day on floor cleaning.


It would be great if an investment in a floor scrubber machine such as the Upekkha UpScrub 5050 Floor Scrubber Dryer is possible. If a floor scrubber dryer machine is considered too much for the budget, Upekkha’s SD400WS single disk floor scrubbing machine accompanied by a Upekkha’s wet and dry vacuum cleaner would be another great alternative to consider!

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