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Floor Scrubber & Floor Burnisher: What’s The Difference?

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Floor Scrubber & Burnisher: What's The Difference?

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There seems to be a misunderstanding among cleaners that floor scrubbers and floor burnishers are the same when they are not. Although both machines may look similar, they have different characteristic and uses in the cleaning field. In order for us to perform our tasks flawlessly we must first educate ourselves on the purpose of each cleaning equipment and these two machines are no exception.

Floor scrubbers and floor burnishers are machines used to keep your hard floors in the best possible condition. We are now able to extend the lifespan of your floors by maintaining their appearance through implementing a regular maintenance plan using with the help of these two machines. With the correct cleaning equipment and regular maintenance plan, we are able to save time and resources while achieving the best result!

Are Floor Scrubbers and Floor Burnishers The Same Thing?

No they are not. Both machines operate in different manners for different purposes. The floor scrubber is used to remove dirt and stubborn stain from hard floors. The floor burnisher on the other hand is used to restore the shine of a hard floor that has a sealer coating, or in other words giving the floor the “wet look”. They are usually used on a floor that has been cleaned and maintained with a floor scrubber. The machine rests not only on the rotary disk but also its hind wheels too, giving the operator an easier experience of operation as compared to the floor scrubber.

How Do They Operate?

The floor scrubber operates by releasing a mixture of soap and water solution unto the floor which is then utilized by a rotating brush/pad that scrubs the floor clean of dirt. The floor scrubber operates at a low RPM (rotations per minute) of 150 – 300. This would then be continued with the help of a vacuum cleaner that collects the dirty liquid produced to dry the floor.

If you do have a vacuum cleaner but it is not performing up to standards, do check up on our guide here on “Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Right For You?” before purchasing a new one! Alternatively, you may try to troubleshoot your vacuum cleaner with our write up on “5 Ways A Vacuum Cleaner Loses Its Suction“!

The floor burnisher on the other hand does not require any soap and water to operate. It has a RPM of 1500 – 3000 that produces the required amount of heat to melt and even up the hard floor sealer coating, restoring its former shine. The user is only required to occasionally apply a small amount of spray buff solution unto the floor with the help of a spray bottle before burnishing with the floor burnisher.

Which Floor Machine Do I need?

It all depends on the goal you are trying to achieve or the situation you are currently in. If your hard floor is dirty and has stubborn stains that needs to be removed, the floor scrubber is the right choice for the job. The floor scrubber is able to clean carpets, cut and crystallize hard floor tilling too! It is a multipurpose machine that is able to do wonders! Contrastingly, the floor burnisher is only used on clean hard floors or floors that are treated with a hard wearing sealer such as wax. One is used to clean whereas the other is used to refine.


Machineupekkha sd400ws single disk floor scrubber | Upekkha Cleaning Products Malaysia
Floor Scrubber
Upekkha UHS500W Floor Buffer
Floor Burnisher
Other NamesSingle Disk Floor Scrubber
Rotary Floor Scrubber
Swing Machine
Floor Buffer Machine
Floor Stripper Machine
Side To Side Machine
Stick Machine
Usage PurposeHard floor scrubbing
Hard floor stripping
Hard floor crystallization
Hard floor tile cutting
Carpet cleaning
Hard floor polishing
Disk Size16 inch20 inch
Agitation Accessories3M Pad (White, Red, Blue & Black)
Pad Holder
Shampoo Brush
Scrubbing Brush
Bonnet Mop
Steel Brush (Upekkha Exclusive)
Planetary Steel Brush (Upekkha Exclusive)
Steel Scarifying Brush (Upekkha Exclusive)
Diamond Disks (Grade 50 – 3000)
3M Pad (White & Red)

Both machines are great in their own way and they cannot be used interchangeably. Please do consult us here at Upekkha if you are not sure and is in need of professional advice. With a total experience of 53 years and counting in the cleaning field, we are confident that we are able to solve whatever problems that you may have! Contact us today!