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What’s the difference between a Floor Scrubber & an Auto Scrubber?

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As a cleaning equipment and hygiene products supplier, we understand that choosing the right equipment can be a daunting task, and that’s where we step in! Upekkha has been serving customers since 2003 and we’re more than certified to help get you in the right direction!

In the search for a floor cleaning machine, you will come across two popular choices; floor scrubber & automatic scrubber a.k.a. scrubber dryer. We’ve compiled the differences between the two and explained in depth to help illuminate you. We’re confident that you’ll be on your way with the necessary knowledge to make a clear decision once you have finished reading this article!

What do they do?

A floor scrubber machine is a wired mechanical device that is specifically designed for multi purpose usage. It has a rotary motor that can attach various accessories such as nylon brushes, steel brushes (only available here at Upekkha exclusively for our SD400WS floor scrubber), pad holder and diamond disk holder. Although it is mainly used for floor scrubbing, it can also be used for carpet scrubbing, bonnet mopping, hard floor lippage removals & floor polishing too! All you need is a shampoo brush, bonnet mop, diamond disks and 3M polishing pads respectively! It is truly a wonderful machine and asset for a cleaner or cleaning service provider!

Demonstration of floor scrubber on tile
SD400WS Floor Scrubber Machine removing lippage from marble tiles.

An auto scrubber machine on the other hand is a combination of a floor scrubber and a vacuum cleaner. This machine only serves a single purpose, which is to maintain the cleanliness of hard floors. Although it too has a rotary motor as the floor scrubber, the auto scrubber is only used to scrub hard floorings. The built in floor squeegee at the back of the machine enables the machine to scrub and dry floors in one swift action, therefor the alternate name scrubber dryer. The auto scrubber is only able to attach a brush or a pad holder.

Demonstration of floor burnisher machine
Upekkha E3040 Auto Scrubber Machine floor cleaning in action

How do they work?

To operate a floor scrubber machine, it first has to be connected to a power source with its built in cable. The handle has to be lowered and set at a comfortable operating position for the user. Once that is done, the operator unlocks the safety lock with a thumb, and turns on the scrubber pressing and holding the power switch. The scrubber machine will run as long as the power switch is being held. The scrubber will turn off once the power switch is released.

IMG 20201001 12304120201001 | Upekkha Cleaning Malaysia
SD400WS Floor Scrubber Machine removing wax from vinyl floor board.

The auto scrubber on the other hand draws its power in two ways, either from a 24V battery (if its a battery operated model) or through a power outlet (mains/cable operated model). Despite having two difference power sources, the operating procedures of the two remains the same. An auto scrubber has a simple operating control panel with a few buttons. Depending if you are using a walk behind or a ride on model, you are to push and walk behind the auto scrubber or ride on it as if it is a vehicle.

Ride on automatic scrubber dryer machine.
Upekkha RB7056 Ride On Battery Operated Auto Scrubber floor cleaning in a car park.
IMG 20210615 09384920210615 | Upekkha Cleaning Malaysia
Upekkha B5050 Auto Scrubber control panel.
Testing of Upekkha 5050 mains operated walk behind / push scrubber dryer at the office.
B5050 Walk Behind Auto Scrubber in action on cement floor.

Which is more efficient?

Both machine types serve different purposes, but the auto scrubber machine would be the winner here in floor cleaning efficiency. A floor scrubber is unable to vacuum up post cleaning dirty water, therefor you would need an extra vacuum cleaner and a helping hand from a colleague to operate and remove the dirty water mess. With an auto scrubber on the other hand, you can do both jobs at once! The auto scrubber is also the ideal choice especially when cleaning large surface areas! The floor scrubber on the other hand would be the better pick in small areas that require

Which is the right machine for me?

In order to determine which machine is the right choice for you, check out our guide here on 10 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Floor Cleaning Machine! This will greatly help you in making a decision on your upcoming purchase!

Comparison Summary Chart

Upekkha 5050 Auto Scrubber
Floor Scrubber
Upekkha 5050 Auto Scrubber
Auto Scrubber
Ease Of UseSimpleExtremely Easy
Skill DependantYesClose To None
Power SourceCable OnlyBattery or Cable
Usage PurposeFloor Cleaning & Maintenance, Stone Tile Grinding, Lippage Removal, Floor Polishing, Floor Burnishing, Floor Wax Removal.Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Only
Vacuum FunctionNoneYes
Theoretical Coverage Area2250 sq. ft / h26,000 sq. ft / h
Suitable ForTight SpacesLarge Areas
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