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Floor Cleaning Machines

Let us help you save time and resources in the your floor cleaning tasks! Our professional and commercial floor cleaning machines efficiently tackle dirt & grime with superb efficiency!

Upekkha UpScrub RB11070 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

The preferred choice among cleaners.​

Here at Upekkha, we offer a wide range of cleaning machines to be used in various situations! Every Upekkha floor cleaning machine goes through our strict examination program before being sold in Malaysia. We handpicked the best cleaning machines in the world for you!

Reach out to us now and get your first Upekkha floor cleaning machine!
Be amazed on how it changes your cleaning experience forever!

Upekkha single disk manual floor scrubber machine

Floor Scrubber

Rotary scrubber machine that scrubs, strips, buffs and polishes any surface with our exclusive range of accessories!

Upekkha B5050 walk behind floor scrubber.

Auto Scrubber

A 2 in 1 invention that combines a floor scrubber and a vacuum cleaner! Scrub and dry your floors in one swift action!

Upekkha UpSweep UMS100 grey mechanical floor sweeper with 2 side brushes.

Floor Sweeper

Professional floor sweepers both manual and automatic to help you save time and cost in sweeping large areas!

Upekkha UV80WD wet & dry industrial vacuum cleaner in silver, grey and black.

Vacuum Cleaner

Built in powerful motor that provides great vacuum pressure that assists in removing dust, dirt and liquid from any surface!

Upekkha MaxClean 80 Carpet Cleaner Machine

Carpet Extractor

A 2 in 1 machine to clean carpets, upholstery and mattresses in one go! Use it as a back up vacuum cleaner too!

Upekkha UHS500W Floor Buffer

Floor Burnisher

Restore the shine that your floor once had and deserves. Perfect for use on natural stone and hard floor sealers!

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Upekkha's catalogue of floor cleaning machines has helped my business grew exponentially! With their unique services provided with every machine purchased, I can rest easy knowing that my assets will always be well taken care of!

Why should you get a cleaning machine?

Maximise Productivity

Gives the cleaner a more enjoyable experience in floor cleaning tasks by reducing the hassle of manual labour. No more back pain from bending over to clean floors, carpets & upholsteries!

Increase Efficiency

Floor cleaning tasks are done in less time with less effort! Cleaner, brighter and better smelling floors in minutes with our industrial floor cleaning machines has never been easier!

Reduce Expanditure

Optimizes the floor cleaning process that results in lower consumption of consumables such as soap, brush and pads. Cost of cleaning per square foot is lowered drastically!

True Cleanliness

Achieve the highest possible standard of cleanliness with Upekkha's heavy duty floor cleaning machines that is impossible with manual labour! Impress your visitors and clients whenever!

Issues We Noticed

The problems Upekkha that is aware of and intends to solve.
  • No Demo

    Product demonstration is important to gauge if the product requested is suitable for the client firsthand in the intended situation.
  • No Warranty

    Most distributors do not provide ample protection coverage in the situation where your purchase is defective.
  • No Training

    Most sellers consider the job done after delivering the machine  purchased, creating possibility of misuse thus malfunction.
  • No Aftersales

    We've encoutered countless enquiries regarding machine support in which their suppliers do not provide, let's change that here.
  • No Spare Parts

    Many came to us for spare parts for their broken down machine where their original supplier is unable to help, evade that with Upekkha.
  • No Maintenance

    Scheduled maintenance is important to reduce the possibility of product malfunction so that your production will never be halted.
Upekkha seller and satisfied customers posing with a photo with their newly purchased Upekkha scrubber dryer.

Don't worry,
we got your back

You don't need to worry a single thing when purchasing a floor cleaning machine with us here at Upekkha.

12 Months Warranty

Free Demonstration

Free In Depth Training

Professional Aftersales

Be protected,
with Upekkha

Purchasing with Upekkha is never a mistake,
especially with the best services and products possible, only available here, at Upekkha.

Scheduled Maintenance

Re-Training On Request

Spare Parts Availability

Malfunctioned machine?

Rest easy as purchasing with us ensures that your purchase will be taken care of for life, as long as you use it of course!

  1. 1. Collection

    We'll arrange for a collection if your purchase malfunctions for further inspection.

  2. 2. Cleaning

    Before any work is being done, a clean up will take place to minimize possibilities.

  3. 3. Troubleshoot

    A thorough troubleshoot is then done by our skilled technicians to determine the problem.

  4. 4. Consultation

    You'll be presented with our findings once the cause is found, accompanied by a solution.

  5. 5. Repairation

    Repair works will take place swiftly when the solution is agreed by the customer.

  6. 6. Delivery

    Final checks are done before it is delivered back to you in no time!

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