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Ride on automatic scrubber dryer machine.

Auto Scrubber Machines

Save time and resources with our industrial & commercial auto scrubber machines. Our automatic scrubber dryers enables you to swiftly scrub and dry your floors effortlessly!

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The way cleaning should be:
Automatic and Effortless.

Auto scrubber machines are the pinnacle of floor cleaning machines and of ultimate form of cleaning and comfort! Upekkha's automatic scrubber machines are the next best thing that you can get to wash your floors, difference is that it now has a built in vacuum cleaner that comes complete with a floor squeegee, drying your floors in one go as you wash!

Upekkha's auto scrubbers takes floor cleaning machines up a notch in terms of precision! Not only are you able to save tons of water as compared to the conventional manual mopping system, prevention on the aspect of recycled water is now possible! Ensuring the highest possible standards of cleanliness to be achieved with minimal effort needed!

Not sure on what you need?
Upekkha UpScrub Wizzard Floor Mini Scrubber Machine

UpScrub Wizzard+

Mini scrubber machine suitable to be used in homes, office & cleanrooms! Usable on any surface and is carpet friendly!

upekkha b3040 wireless scrubber dryer

UpScrub B3040

A versatile walk behind scrubber machine with the smallest turning radius ever! Battery operated for smooth operation!

Upekkha 5050 Walk Behind Auto Scrubber

UpScrub 5050

Comes in both battery & wired versions, the 5050 series is the best walk behind scrubber machine ever! A well built solid machine!

Upekkha RB7056 Ride On Floor Scrubber

UpScrub RB7056

The RB7056 is a ride on scrubber machine that operates on batteries, lasting you 4 hours of operation on a single charge.

Upekkha UpScrub RB11070 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

UpScrub RB11070

The ultimate automatic scrubber dryer machine that Upekkha has to offer! This bad boy has all the best specs crammed into a single body! The dream machine.

Auto Scrubber Machine FAQ

Frequently asked questions on auto scrubbers that we have encountered in the years of serving in the cleaning industry. We've gathered them here so that you may get your answers with ease!

An auto scrubber machine is a floor cleaning instrument used to help cleaners wash and dry floors easily in one swift action. The machine replaces the traditional mop and broom where it is prone to water recycling, resulting in an inefficient floor cleaning process in which the auto scrubber aims to rectify. 

The auto scrubber dryer has a built in scrubbing motor accompanied by a vacuum motor, realizing the impossible dream of an autonomous floor scrubbing and drying simultaneously. It also contains both a clean water tank typically filled with a mixture of water and detergent, and a collection tank where the dirty water and residue collected resides in the machine.

The function of an auto scrubber dryer is to help carry out frequent cleaning maintenance with ease. With the help of a scrubber dryer, daily cleaning is now possible. This helps in slowing the rate of contamination and damage on the floor from various foreign objects, prolonging its lifespan and look in the long run.

  1. Dispose any foreign objects such as dust, sand, rocks and rubbish from the area to be cleaned. You may use a floor sweeper instead of a broom and dustpan for large areas.
  2. Prepare the automatic scrubber dryer by pouring a cap of Upekkha HP Auto Scrub detergent into the clean water tank followed by clean water.
  3. Assemble the floor squeegee at the back of the machine and your preferred agitator accessory such as a brush in the front.
  4. Turn on the machine and start scrubbing the floor.
  5. Empty the collection tank that is now full of dirty water via the drain hose. 
  6. While the collection tank is being drained, rinse it with clean water. Make sure no sediments are left behind in the tank.
  7. Open the lids of the tank to let them dry thoroughly.
  8. Remove the floor squeegee and rinse it with clean water.
  9. Let the floor squeegee rest standing on a flat surface to dry.
  10. For battery operated: Charge auto scrubber for 8 hours and disconnect right after. Do not overcharge the batteries.
    For mains operated: Disconnect the cable plug from the mains socket and carefully wind the cable.

There is no one right answer to this particular question. Each automatic scrubber dryer has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you and your current situation to address what are your priorities and objectives that would help narrow down to just one auto scrubber machine. 

Speak now to a Upekkha personnel to receive professional advice for free!

There is no one true instrument that is able to do everything. The term “best” here is preferential from one user to another. Each of the machines listed above have their own specialty in floor cleaning. 

Auto scrubber machines can be differentiated into a few categories by type of power source and mode of operation. For power source we have mains operated and battery operated; for mode of operation we have walk behind and ride ons

A floor scrubber is a machine that uses brushes or pads to scrub floors and remove dirt and grime. It typically operates by releasing cleaning solution from its built in water tank onto the floor and then using its scrubbing tool to agitate the dirt and debris.

An auto scrubber is a type of floor scrubber that is self-propelled and can operate without operator assistance. It typically has larger tanks for both cleaning solution and recovery. Unlike the floor scrubber, the auto scrubber has a built in vacuum motor that collects the dirty water into its recovery tank, leaving the floor clean and dry. Auto scrubbers are often used in large facilities such as hospitals, schools, and warehouses where cleaning a large area quickly is necessary.

In summary, while both floor scrubbers and auto scrubbers are used for scrubbing floors, auto scrubbers are self-propelled and generally have larger tanks and more advanced features than regular floor scrubbers.