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Upekkha UpScrub RB11070 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

UpScrub RB11070 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Looking for a strong and effective floor cleaning solution for your business or industrial needs? Take a look at our ride on scrubber dryer! This machine makes it simple to swiftly and effectively clean big areas because of its revolutionary design and cutting-edge features.

210,000 square feet of daily cleaning.

Biggest | Baddest | Boldest | Boundless

Whether you're dealing with tough stains, dirt, or debris, our scrubber dryer is up to the task. And with its comfortable seating and intuitive controls, it's a breeze to operate, even for extended periods of time. So why wait? Upgrade your cleaning game today with our ride-on scrubber dryer!

Efficiency unlike anything you've seen.

A beautifully designed ride on auto scrubber that yields the power to perform. Experience its unimaginable performance. The ultimate ride on auto scrubber that you have been waiting for.

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Upekkha UpScrub RB11070 Ride On Scrubber Dryer


Theoretical Coverage Area

42,000 sq.ft/h

Working Hours
(Single Charge)


Motor Power

300W x 2



Fresh/Dirty Water
Tank Capacity


Solution Supply



Upekkha's UpSweep RB11070 Ride On Scrubber Dryer equipped numerous features that focuses on the quality of life of the user without any sacrifice on performance!

Easy Controls

Allows easy operation of the machine, with intuitive controls and a battery status indicator that are simple to understand.

Heavy Duty Wheels

Ensures smooth operation and maneuverability on a variety of surfaces, a critical component for efficient and effective cleaning.

Manual Levers

Reduces the need for more complicated components, keeping maintenance costs to a low.

Inlet Tank Filter

Filters out impurities that may go into the clean water tank accidentally.

Long Squeegee

Ensures sewage pickup without fail during the operation of the machine.


upekkha b3040 round brush

Scrubbing Brush

The best floor cleaning agitator that is versatile and affordable in the long run. Suitable for every situation!

upekkha b3040 squegee lip

Squeegee Lip

Responsible for the removal of dirty water. Can be used up to 4 times via rotating the lips vertically and horizontally.

upekkha b3040 pad holder

Pad Holder

A necessary tool if the operator wishes to use 3M Pads for floor cleaning instead of the default nylon brush provided upon purchase.

upekkha 3m pads

3M Pads

An alternative agitator to the scrubbing brush that comes in 4 different stages of abrasiveness with each for a different situation.

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