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Testing of Upekkha 5050 mains operated walk behind / push scrubber dryer at the office.

UpScrub 5050 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Your best bet to a clean and beautifully dried floor with minimal effort! The UpScrub 5050 walk behind scrubber dryer flawlessly cleans and dry any surface in one swift action!

Clean smart, not hard.

Affordable | Durable | Effective | Efficient

The UpScrub 5050 series is the latest model of walk behind scrubber dryer to be released by Upekkha. We have taken constructive feedback from the owners of the UpScrub B3040 battery operated scrubber dryer and implement it into our UpScrub 5050 series of walk behind scrubber dryers! Now in both wired and battery models, users are free to choose on what they prioritize in their cleaning program! We too have made further improvements with our own ideas on what a walk behind scrubber dryer should have that the B3040 model was lacking!

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Engineered for maximum cleanliness.

Upekkha’s UpScrub 5050 series is a walk behind scrubber dryer that scrubs the floor and removes the dirty water in one go! Just turn it on and walk your worries away!

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A tester is turning the latest Upekkha 5050 series walk behind / push scrubber dryer in Upekkha's premises.


Wired / Mains Operated (E5050)

Operate as much as you need as long that you have a power socket nearby! Make sure to empty the dirty water tank when full or whenever you're refilling clean water!

Battery Operated (B5050)

Equipped with the latest technology of gel batteries that eliminates the need of checking and refilling the battery water of traction batteries!


Theoretical Coverage Area

26,000 sq.ft/h

Working Hours
(Single Charge)






Fresh/Dirty Water
Tank Capacity


Solution Supply



Upekkha's UpScrub 5050 walk behind scrubber dryer series comes with multiple features that focuses on improving the quality of life for the user!

Built In Key-Switch

Comes with a dedicated key switch that allows the one who has the key to operate the machine. Preventing any mishaps from usage by other unauthorized persons.

Water Adjustment Handle

A handle is located at the bottom of the machine that for use of controlling the amount of clean water supply used during the operation of the scrubber dryer.

Transparent Dirty Water Tank Cover

Has a large transparent dirty water tank cover that enables the user to constantly keep the dirty water level in check from being overflowed.

Squeegee Lever

The lever located at the back of the machine gives the user an easier way of lowering and raising the floor squeegee before and after usage.

Durable Wheels

Upekkha 5050 series comes with a set of durable wheels that enables the user a smooth journey while operating and transporting the machine.


upekkha b3040 round brush

Scrubbing Brush

The best floor cleaning agitator that is versatile and affordable in the long run. Suitable for every situation!

upekkha b3040 squegee lip

Squeegee Lip

Responsible for the removal of dirty water. Can be used up to 4 times via rotating the lips vertically and horizontally.

upekkha b3040 pad holder

Pad Holder

A necessary tool if the operator wishes to use 3M Pads for floor cleaning instead of the default nylon brush provided upon purchase.

upekkha 3m pads

3M Pads

An alternative agitator to the scrubbing brush that comes in 4 different stages of abrasiveness with each for a different situation.

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