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A man cleaning the floor with a wireless scrubber drier.

UpScrub B3040 Scrubber Drier

Be in awe with its relatively small and short body that enables any cleaner to maneuver and clean in any short and tight spaces! The adjustable handle lever provides our B3040 with the smallest turning radius ever! Making it the only scrubber drier in the market that is able to maneuver in the tightest spaces!

Cleanliness within your grasp

Unique | Unbeatable | Unmatched

The B3040 Upekkha's most affordable scrubber drier that is battery operated among the UpScrub Auto Scrubber Series! It is our first reliable scrubber drier model that suits in both commercial and industrial sectors perfectly! It's big battery provides ample time for you to clean up to 88,000 square feet on a single charge! Fulfill your responsibilities as a cleaner swiftly with our B3040 machine without the hassle of cable management!

An asset, not a liability!

We understand that not everyone has the budget to spend for a purchase especially when it comes to cleaning machines. That is why the UpScrub B3040 is the most affordable battery operated scrubber drier that you can get from us with the inclusion of warranty and aftersales service!


Theoretical Coverage Area

22,000 sq.ft/h

Working Hours
(Single Charge)






Fresh/Dirty Water
Tank Capacity


Solution Supply



Upekkha's B3040 comes with special features that makes it a great machine to work with! Cleaners and professionals alike love it!

Built In Key-Switch

Prevent unauthorized access to your precious purchase. Reduces the chance of mishandling by foreign users before it malfunctions.

Water Level Indicator

A transparent water pipe is located at the back of the machine that acts as an water level indicator for the clean water tank.

Drainage Hose

Discharge the accumulated dirty water with ease using the built in drainage hose.

Floor Squeegee

Assists in the removal of dirty water produced and leaving a squeaky clean floor behind.

Durable Wheels

Enables the user a smooth journey while operating and transporting the machine!


upekkha b3040 round brush

Scrubbing Brush

The best floor cleaning agitator that is versatile and affordable in the long run. Suitable for every situation!

upekkha b3040 squegee lip

Squeegee Lip

Responsible for the removal of dirty water. Can be used up to 4 times via rotating the lips vertically and horizontally.

upekkha b3040 pad holder

Pad Holder

A necessary tool if the operator wishes to use 3M Pads for floor cleaning instead of the default nylon brush provided upon purchase.

upekkha 3m pads

3M Pads

An alternative agitator to the scrubbing brush that comes in 4 different stages of abrasiveness with each for a different situation.

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