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A person is driving the Upekkha's ride on auto scrubber machine

UpScrub RB7056 Ride On Auto Scrubber

Ever dreamt of a wonderful machine that is able to scrub and dry floors perfectly while being able to ride on? Meet the UpScrub RB7056! Now you can realize your dream and take your cleaning performance up a notch without breaking a sweat!

168,000 square feet, every day.

Fast | Easy | Effective | Effecient

The Upekkha Upscrub RB7056 is a fully automated ride on auto scrubber that scrubs and dries your floors in one go! It's large battery capacity gives cleaners up to a maximum of 4 hour usage with just a single charge! What a phenomenal performance for a machine of its stature! Make your life easier with the UpScrub RB7056 as you ride your worries away!

Efficiency unlike anything you've seen.

A beautifully designed ride on auto scrubber that yields the power to perform. Experience its unimaginable performance. The ultimate ride on auto scrubber that you have been waiting for.

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Upekkha RB7056 Ride On Floor Scrubber
Ride on automatic scrubber dryer machine.


Theoretical Coverage Area

33,600 sq.ft/h

Working Hours
(Single Charge)






Fresh/Dirty Water
Tank Capacity


Solution Supply



upekkha b3040 round brush

Scrubbing Brush

The best floor cleaning agitator that is versatile and affordable in the long run. Suitable for every situation!

upekkha b3040 squegee lip

Squeegee Lip

Responsible for the removal of dirty water. Can be used up to 4 times via rotating the lips vertically and horizontally.

upekkha b3040 pad holder

Pad Holder

A necessary tool if the operator wishes to use 3M Pads for floor cleaning instead of the default nylon brush provided upon purchase.

upekkha 3m pads

3M Pads

An alternative agitator to the scrubbing brush that comes in 4 different stages of abrasiveness with each for a different situation.

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