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Upekkha UpScrub Wizzard Floor Mini Scrubber Machine

UpScrub Wizzard+ Auto Scrubber

The best choice for unexperienced machine operators and cleaners who wish to have an easier way of floor cleaning and even short carpets! An automatic machine that sprays, scrubs and driers any surface! A rare 3 in 1 machine that is built like a tank!

Small body, big ambitions.

Easy | Efficient | Effective

Upekkha UpScrub Wizzard+ is an auto scrubber, an fully automatic creation that is easily usable by anyone without any professional training needed! It's small form factor contributes to its versatility being able to be used in small and tight spaces especially in homes and offices! Clean areas under your furniture such as chairs and tables without needing to move them!


Theoretical Coverage Area

3500 sq.ft/h

Brush Speed


Total Power


Scrubbing Width


Tank Capacity




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