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Upekkha UpSweep Flipper+ Floor Sweeper Cleaning Machine

Floor Sweeper Machines

Upekkha's UpSsweep sweeper machines provides an effective and efficient way to sweep any surface that includes floors, streets and roads! Experience effortlessness while you sweep your worries away!

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Sweep like you never imagined.

Upekkha UpSweep sweeper machines are the new way to sweep your floors that makes your life easier and saves you money! Our sweeper machines can be used on any surface, streets and roads included! You'll never have to bend over or lift heavy brooms ever again while sweeping in large areas such as warehouses too!

Our UpSweep sweeper machines are of high quality and durability, promising results that far exceeds your expectations set by our competitors! Worried about after sales service and spare parts availability? Fret not as every sweeper machine purchased from us comes with a 12 months warranty period against manufacturing defects! We ship for free and provide thorough training on your new purchase too!

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Upekkha UpSweep Flipper+ push floor sweeper

UpSweep Flipper+

The eco friendly way to sweep your floors that does not use any electricity. Just push to sweep!

UMS100 | Upekkha Cleaning Malaysia

UpSweep UMS100

The UMS100 comes with 2 side brushes that increases sweeping width when needed especially in narrow alleys!

Upekkha UpSweep RB140 Ride On Floor Sweeper

UpSweep RB140

Our baseline ride on floor sweeper machine with the minimum required specifications for a swift experience!

Upekkha UpSweep RB200 Ride On Automatic Floor Sweeper

UpSweep RB200

Upekkha's midrange offer for a ride on sweeper for clients that aims to bring their sweeping performance on another level!

Upekkha UpSweep RB200T Ride On Road Sweeper

UpSweep RB200T

The biggest and baddest sweeping machine of all! Comes with a protecting enclosure to ensure no harm to the user!

Floor Sweeper FAQ

We've gathered the most frequently asked questions on floor sweeper machines into a list just for you! These are the top few questions that we have encountered endlessly!

A floor sweeper is a machine that carries out the action of sweeping through automatic or semi-automatic methods. It collects and removes dust, rubbish and debris from the floor with its main and side brushes which is then stored into the collection chamber. 

Floor sweeper machines comes in a number of designs and sizes:

Just as there is no one solution to every problem in the world, there is not a single sweeping machine that stands atop the rest! 

The word “best” here differs from one to another. Each of these floor sweeper machines are best at different situations. In order for you to find the best floor sweeper for you, we must first get to know your situation and understand what do you need.

So contact us now to receive your free consultation on floor sweeping machines with the help of our professionally trained helpers here at Upekkha!

A floor sweeper is considered to be good when its performance achieves a certain level of efficiency and effectiveness without sacrificing any form of quality and reliability. 

As an example, Upekkha’s UpSweep Flipper+ main brush is rated up to 7 million square feet! No other manual push floor sweeper’s is able to last that long!

The UpSweep Flipper+ has a screw adjustment brush feature that enables operators to fine tune the brush pressure, hence prolonging the lifespan of the brush while maintaining optimal performance.

Floor sweepers operate through a main brush and side brush(es). The side brush is responsible for the collection of dust, dirt and rubbish where the main brush is unable to reach, the main brush on the other hand sweeps the rubbish collected into the collection chamber.

A floor sweeper sweeps and collects dust and debris in dry situations only.

A floor scrubber is used to scrub the floor of stubborn dirty floor stains irremovable though floor sweeping. Sometimes the floor scrubber may include a vacuum cleaner which will collect the sewage formed through floor scrubbing and the usage of a detergent mixture, in which we call a scrubber dryer.