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RB200 ride on street sweeper

UpSweep RB200 Ride On Street Sweeper

Experience the all new RB200 ride on sweeper with 4 side brushes that increases its effective sweeping width per pass! The RB200 never fails to impress experienced and professional users with its vast features and impressive specifications!

Next level cleanliness.

Powerful | Precise | Phenomenal | Promising

A battery powered ride on street sweeper that has a phenomenal sweeping performance of 120,000 square feet per hour! An unrivalled performance of its kind in the ride on street sweeper category that caters to a multi billion dollar industry! Prepare yourself for an upgrade from your old inefficient street sweeper machine to our RB200 that gives you promising results! Clean faster and wider like never before!

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Exceeds expectations, not budgets.

Here at Upekkha, its all about the "U". Our customers always comes first in our list of priorities, and this can be seen in our RB200 ride on street sweeper! The RB200 is full of user focused traits that aims to take user experience on another level!

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Theoretical Coverage Area

120,000 sq.ft/h

Working Hours
(Single Charge)











Take a look at the traits of our powerful ride on street sweeper, the RB200!

Spacious Hopper

Ergonomic handle that eases the removal and installation of the spacious hopper from the back of the machine.

Control Panel

Simple & easy controls in the form of buttons on the control board that improves the user's operation.

Special Compartment

Store your spare tools or any other objects in this extra spacious compartment. May be used to store the RB200's charger.

Overhead Protection

A safety precaution measure that protects the operator from falling objects above, suitable in warehouses where such incident might occur.


Gel battery for ride on road sweeper

Gel Battery

The latest technological battery advancement that does not require little to none maintenance!

Battery for ride on road sweeper. The default charger that is bundled together with the machine


The default charger that is bundled together with the machine used to charge the gel batteries.

Side brush for ride on road sweeper

Side Brush

A wear and tear accessory that would need to be replaced depending on how intense the machine is used.

Main brush for ride on road sweeper

Main Brush

The main component that makes the machine do wonders. If a replacement is needed please do reach us.

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