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SD400WS Single Disk Floor Scrubber

Multi purpose rotary floor scrubber that work wonders! Suitable to be used in various situations! It's floor scrubbing, polishing and grinding performance is unequalled!

Demonstration of floor scrubber on tile

The superior single disk floor scrubber.

Affordable | Durable | Effective | Efficient

Upekkha SD400WS is a multi situational machine that does everything! Our single disk floor scrubber has various accessories that leaves our competition in the dust! Upekkha offers an exclusive wide range of accessories including optional agitation attachments and weights that improves the cleaning performance of the machine with greater pressure and effectiveness! The ideal all in one machine that is able to do all including floor scrubbing, buffing, polishing, stripping and dry foam carpet shampooing!

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No matter the dirt nor stain, nothing shall remain.

Upekkha's single disk floor scrubber provides a better cleaning performance than our competitors with our special range of floor scrubber accessories! The perfect choice especially for cleaning service contractors!

Come and visit us or send us an email for a start to learn more about the wonderful things that you can do with our SD400WS floor scrubber! Click the button below to book an appointment with us for a demonstration!

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Upekkha single disk manual floor scrubber machine


Theoretical Coverage Area

2250 sq.ft/h

Motor Speed

154 rpm

Motor Power

1200 W

Brush Pressure

≥ 37 kg.f

Water Tank

15 L

Noise Level

60 dBa


Experience Upekkha's SD400WS full capabilities made possible with Upekkha's wide range of floor scrubber accessories!

Upekkha SD400WS Single Disk Floor Scrubber Cleaning Machine cleaning a carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Deep clean carpets that has been accumulating dirt and bacteria from the bottom up! Use it to clean the dirty carpets that has been laying around since the day you've placed it!

Paint Removal

Struggling to remove your old paint layer from the floor? Fret not! With our specialised agitator accessory for the SD400WS, chip the old pain from the floor easily in no time!

Demonstration of floor scrubber on tile

Tile Grinding

Use it to grind uneven floor tiling after installation especially marble lippage with just an extra accessory! Our special accessory makes all the difference in unlocking the SD400WS floor scrubber's full potential!

Floor Scrubbing

Remove grime and stains from any flooring with our shampoo or scrubbing brush with ease! Our brushes lasts a great time, saving you expanditure in the long term!

Floor Polishing

Utilise 3M floor cleaning pads, the global standard for a better floor finish after scrubbing your floors with the brush! The SD400WS comes with a pad holder for you to attach the cleaning pads to the machine!


Upekkha's single disk floor scrubber in color of blue and white

Shampoo Brush

Cleaning agitator with flexible bristles that are able to go into small pores located on the floor removing dirt and other impurities.

Upekkha's Single Disk Floor Scrubber in the color of green and white

Scrubbing Brush

A slightly thicker brush as compared to the shampoo brush. Has a higher agitation power and is suitable for stubborn dirt.

Pad holder for single disk floor scrubber in black color with hole in the middle

3M Pad Holder

A necessary tool if the operator wishes to use 3M Pads for floor cleaning instead of the default nylon brush provided upon purchase.

upekkha 3m pads

3M Scrubbing Pads

An alternative agitator to the scrubbing brush that comes in 4 different stages of abrasiveness with each for a different situation.

Don't Forget Getting A Vacuum Cleaner

A floor scrubber machine only enables you to scrub the floor,
a vacuum cleaner is able to greatly assist you in removing dirty water.
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Floor Scrubber FAQ

Frequently asked questions on floor scrubber machines that we have encountered in the years of serving in the cleaning industry. We've gathered them here for you so you don't need to ask them!

You can use a floor scrubber machine wherever you wish as long as the area to be cleaned is flat! The only thing that you have to pay in mind is the right agitator accessory to use for each of these floorings. The most suitable accessory for any surface will always be a brush!

It is always recommended to sweep the area before hand. A broom and lobby dustpan or vacuum cleaner may suffice if it is a small enclosure otherwise a floor sweeper is encouraged instead.

With the help of our professionally trained personnel, we will help you master the floor scrubber in less than 30 mins! FREE training is provided for every customer that purchases the Upekkha SD400WS floor scrubber machine from us!

Training will commence upon delivery of the machine! So have no fear as Upekkha is here!

A floor scrubber can be differentiated into two types:

The first would be a rotary floor scrubber with a built in single disk rotary motor that spins the brush or pad on the floor, creating constant agitation and pressure that removes any dirt, grout and stubborn stains in a short amount of time. It has a lever on its handle that releases detergent solution from its water tank whenever pulled.

The other is called an orbital floor scrubber. The machine is similar to the rotary floor scrubber but has single disk orbital motor that goes in multi directions instead. Can only be used with a pad and does not have a water tank installed.