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Upekkha UHS500W Floor Burnisher

UHS500W High Speed Floor Burnisher & Polisher

This professional-grade cleaning machine comes equipped with a powerful motor that will quickly and easily buff your floors to a brilliant sheen.

Heavy on features, light on budget.

Unequalled | Unrivalled | Unparalleled

Looking to give your floors a dazzling shine? Look no further than the UHS500W floor burnisher machine! Whether you're looking to get your business ready for guests or simply want to give your home a fresh new look, the UHS500W polishing machine is the perfect tool for the job!

Get the floor shine that you've always wanted!

With a high rotation per minute of 1500 and a size of 20 inches, this burnisher can cover a large surface area in no time. It's also equipped with a trigger safety switch to prevent accidental activation, so you can use it with peace of mind! Don't miss out on this top-of-the-line floor burnisher, order yours today!

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Coverage Area

9,000 sq.ft/h

Motor Speed


Operating Force

3kg - 10kg

Noise Level


Cable Length





Upekkha brand of superb buff for floor finishing coating

Superb Buff

The necessary secret ingredient for the best floor shine result. A solvent free synthetic replenisher that prolongs the life span of the floor wax.

upekkha 3m pads

3M Pads

Choose between white or red colour pads depending on the situation for the best floor result using the UHS500W.

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