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HS Wild Lime Hand Soap

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A great affordable hand soap cleaner that removes virus and bacteria from your palms, leaving your hands squeaky clean with a dash of fresh lime! Does not contain any preservatives making it an environmentally friendly product! Give it a try say tell those washing powders goodbye!

A concentrated multi use liquid hand soap, possessing the following features:

  • Excellent cleaning / disinfecting properties
    Removes soils gently, safely and efficiently.

  • No harmful harsh raw materials
    Does not contain abrasive or petroleum solvent.

  • Gentle to hands
    Contains skin protecting agent.

  • Leaves hands clean, soft and a pleasant after-use fragrance


Typical Applications

As a liquid hand soap in offices, restaurants, hospitals, institutes, etc.



  • Appearance: Green scented liquid.

  • Solid content: 11.0 – 13.0%

  • Viscosity: 4000 – 6000 cps ( #4 / 60 rpm / 26 degrees Celsius )

  • pH ( as is ): 7.0 – 8.0

  • Sg: 1.01 – 1.02 @ 26 degrees Celsius


  • For use in hand soap dispensers.

  • Wet hands, apply liberally and rub hands together to loosen soils, rinse hands with water.