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H.P. Auto Scrub

SKU: C.48-10Categories: Surface Cleaner

H.P. Auto Scrub is a professional-grade automotive scrubber detergent that dissolves and emulsifies heavy soil and grease, making it easy to wash away. This non-butyl-based heavy-duty degreaser is specially formulated for use with Upekkha’s automatic floor scrubbing machines, ensuring the cleanest results possible.

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Upekkha H.P. Auto Scrub (Auto Scrubber Detergent)



An auto scrubber detergent that is non-butyl based heavy duty water-soluble degreaser. It will effectively dissolve and emulsify heavy soil and grease, lifting the grime to the surface for easy washaway.


Typical Applications


For degreasing and cleaning all greasy surfaces, concrete floors etc.




  • Appearance: Clear brownish red liquid

  • Odour: lemon

  • pH: 12.5 – 13.5

  • Sg: 1.04 – 1.05




  1. Insert 1 part H.P. Auto Scrub to the clean water tank then fill it up with 20 parts water.
  2. Remove soiled cleaning solution from dirty water tank after usage of the auto scrubber.
  3. Rinse the dirty water tank thoroughly with water.




  1. Contains Alkalies. Do not mix with other chemicals.

  2. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing.

  3. Harmful if swallowed.