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Dirt Buster 10kgs

Dirt Buster is solvent free concentrated high power multi purpose floor cleaner detergent that is usable on most floorings where waxed surfaces are not an exclusion! Applicable for various situations and surfaces and a suitable choice for daily cleaning maintenance!

Environmentally friendly nature which does not contains toxic properties and preservatives making it the perfect choice among housewives! Click on the link above to purchase one today!



Typical Applications

For cleaning of floors, walls, cutlery, crockery, worktops vinyl, upholstery, painted surface cars, stainless steel and as light duty hand washing.



  • Color: Clear pinkish liquid

  • Odor: Fresh

  • pH: 8.0-9.0

  • Sg: 1.03-1.04 @ 26 degrees Celsius

  • Weight: 10kgs



  • For normal washing operations, use 1 part Dirt Buster to 50 parts of water.

  • For removing long standing dirt, use 1 part Dirt Buster to 20 parts of water.

  • For regular mopping, use 1 part Dirt Buster to 200 parts of water.

  • For dishwashing, use 1 part Dirt Buster to 120 parts of water.

  • For car washing, use 1 part Dirt Buster to 120 parts of water.



  1. Do not ingest.

  2. Avoid eye contact.