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Laundry Detergent

Upekkha laundry detergent is a cleaning agent used for removing dirt, dust, and other unwanted matter from clothing. Specially formulated high foam fabric cleaner with high cleaning capabilities suitable for cleaning of all fabrics when used in conjunction with hot water / normal washing machine. It is also safe for use on upholstery fabric.

Clean clothes are important, but so is feeling good about the products you use. Upekkha laundry detergent is specially formulated to be gentle on your skin while it cleans your clothes. Its clear liquid has a floral scent, and it’s safe for use on all types of fabrics. So throw in a load of laundry and feel good knowing that you’re using a product that cares for both your clothes and your conscience.


An aqueous mixture of emulsifies, soil suspending agents, and sequestrate.



  1. Shake well before use.

  2. Use 1 part of detergent to 100 parts of water.

  3. Set the operations in accordance with machine manufacturers’ recommendation.



  • Appearance: Clear transparent liquid

  • Odour: Floral scented.

  • pH ( as is ): 11.0 – 12.0

  • Sg: 1.010 – 1.020 @ 26 degrees Celsius



  1. Harmful if swallowed.

  2. Irritant to eyes and skins.