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UpSweep UMS100 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper Floor Sweeper Upekkha Cleaning Supplies Malaysia
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UpSweep UMS100 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

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Having a hard time getting the floor clean of dust, dirt and debris? Say goodbye to fatigue arms and bad back slouching postures with the UMS100 walk behind floor sweeper! Upekkha’s revolutionary UMS100 is a walk behind floor sweeper machine that does not require any electricity to operate! Just walk and push for the machine to do its job! A wonderful eco-friendly yet efficient and effective machine that removes all dirt and dust from the floor without fail!

Technical SpecificationValue
Theoretical Coverage Area30,000 sq ft. / h
Hopper Capacity40L
Sweeping Width (with/without Sidebrush)1000mm/700mm
Length (with/without Sidebroom)800mm/1000mm
Height with Handle1035mm

The UMS100 walk behind floor sweeper isn’t just any other floor cleaning machine! It has 2 built in side brushes that is able to effectively remove dirt and debris from corners and edges that the floor and walls meet! Suitable to be used in narrow walkways! Just walk once and watch the magic unfolds! The UMS100 walk behind floor sweeper solely operates on manual labour! All the operator has to do is walk and push as if it was a shopping cart in a shopping mall! Nothing else is needed!