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HP150 Heavy Duty High Pressure Cleaner

SKU: V-HP150Categories: Cleaning Machines, High Pressure Cleaner

This versatile high-pressure cleaner packs a punch in a compact design. With adjustable settings and multiple attachments, it easily removes tough dirt from various surfaces. Ergonomic and portable, it’s perfect for both home and professional use, delivering efficient cleaning power when you need it most.


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This powerful high-pressure cleaner delivers exceptional cleaning performance for a variety of tasks. Featuring a robust motor and adjustable pressure settings, it effortlessly tackles stubborn dirt and grime on surfaces ranging from vehicles to patios. The ergonomic design includes a comfortable grip and easy-to-use controls, while the long hose and various nozzle attachments provide versatility and reach. Compact and portable, yet built to last, this cleaner combines convenience with professional-grade results, making it an essential tool for both home and commercial use.



Voltage 220-240V/50Hz
Max Pressure 150 bar
Operating Pressure 70 – 110 bar / 7 – 11 MPa
Water Flow Rate 520 – 700 l/h
Power 2.9KW
Inlet Temperature 60 Celcius
Accessories Standard
Application Time 2 – 3 hours
Weight 52 kgs
Dimension (L x W x H) 709 x 469 x 1000cm
Phase Single Phase
Usage Vehicles / Outdoors / Workshops / Service Stations / Swimming Pools etc.


Warranty: 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects.