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Stainless Steel Rectangular Pedal Bin

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Stainless Steel Rectangular Pedal Bin is perfect for any professional setting. The entire body, lid, and pedal are made of shiny high-grade stainless steel with nano-coating to prevent dirt and scratches. The garbage bag lock button helps to use all kinds of different garbage bags, while the sustainable pedal makes it easy to keep your hands clean. This bin comes in a variety of different designs, from popular to high-end goods, so you can find the perfect one for your business.

6L234 x 235 x 310 mmStainless Steel
12L270 x 266 x 421 mmStainless Steel
20L356 x 336 x 428 mmStainless Steel
35L356 x 336 x 638 mmStainless Steel
50L416 x 376 x 692 mmStainless Steel