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Window Squeegee

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Window Squeegee is the perfect tool to quickly remove any liquid or cleaning product from your windows or shower glass without leaving streaks or residue behind! The ergonomically designed metal handle gives you a solid grip, while the attachable Telescopic Pole allows you to reach high areas that are inaccessible by arm’s length or ladder. When the rubber blades wear out, simply purchase a refill blade from Upekkha!


  • Cleanly removes water and cleaning liquid from windows!
  • May be used on flat surfaces such as mirrors and shower glass doors!
  • Ergonomically designed metal handle that gives the operator a solid grip!
  • Attachable to Upekkha’s Telescopic Pole for high areas unreachable via arms-length and ladders!
  • Has a hole cut out on the handle enabling easy storage through hanging!
  • Purchasable refillable rubber blades from Upekkha when worn out!
  • Specially designed “T” handle giving the operator the ability to exert pressure evenly on surfaces!