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Window Utility Bucket

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The Window Utility Bucket was designed specifically for professional window cleaners. It’s made of heavy-duty materials and has a strong handle, making it ideal for use with the window squeegee and window washer. The bucket also features a drain compartment, which helps reduce water waste after dipping into the bucket. With casters for easy transport, this bucket is a must-have tool for anyone who wants clean windows without streaks!

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  • Heavy-duty Window Cleaning Bucket with a strong handle.
  • Contain a drain compartment for strip washer to press for water reduction after dipping into the bucket.
  • This bucket is designed for professional window cleaning.
  • Equipped with casters for ease of transport.
  • Recommended for use alongside the window squeegee and window washer.


Suitable Applications:

  • Office
  • Hospital
  • Retail
  • F&B