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Anti Slip Wet Area Rubber Mat

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This non-slip waterproof mat is perfect for your home. It’s great for the bathroom, kitchen, corridor, and pool areas. It has a high-quality, environmentally-friendly design that is odorless and non-toxic. The mat is durable and easy to use with 5 colors that can be matched freely. There are multiple pointers on the bottom to provide a smoother drainage effect.

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[Anti Slip Rubber Mat]

Keep your home safe with this Anti Slip Rubber Mat. This mat is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or corridor. The non-slip waterproof surface keeps you safe and prevents accidents. With five colors to choose from, you can coordinate this mat with your décor.


  • Material – PVC
  • Colour: Red, Grey, Black, Blue, Green


  • Indoor Or Outdoor USE
  • Multi-functional drainage floor tiles design for any wet or slippery environment
  • UV resistant for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Soft & Anti-skid – prevent dangerous accidents especially for pregnant women, children. Anti-fatigue qualities similar to rubber flooring soothe and gently massage tired feet.
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy TO Clean
  • Cleanup with a scrub brush and soap when used for a while.
  • Quick Water Drain
  • Densely drainage hole design, so that quick water drain, and promotes airflow under the tiles.