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Plastic Soap Dispenser

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Keep your hands clean in style with our sleek and compact plastic soap dispenser! This top quality dispenser is made from 100% virgin material to ensure durability, and comes equipped with a refillable container and lid. The tube system is made from durable high grade silicon, and features a soap level viewing window for easy refills. The keyless lock system is hidden for extra security, and the optional transparent cover makes it easy to monitor your soap usage levels.


Specifications :

  • Colour Availability: White Material: ABS / HDPE
  • Capacity: 800ml
  • Product Dimensions: 133(L) x 88(W) x 237(H)
  • Type: Tube System Dispensing
  • Volume: 0.40ml per shot
  • Releases 4ml of liquid soap each press
  • 800ml = 2oo times of hand wash