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Witness the amazing deliveries we've done and satisfied customers whom dealt with Upekkha.

A Hino manager giving the thumbs up alongside a Upekkha salesperson for his successful delivery of a Upekkha UpSweep UMS100 floor sweeper and 2 UV series industrial vacuum cleaners in silver stainless steel tank.
A Upekkha salesperson in black and glasses and a customer in a white safety helmet and dark blue attire smiling for the camera on the successful delivery of their newly purchased silver stainless steel industrial vacuum cleaner and grey and black accents.
Man in blue shirt standing beside his newly purchased Upekkha vacuum cleaner in brown box.
Few cleaners standing behind a Upekkha B5050 auto scrubber in a brightly lit warehouse.
Upekkha personnel in green giving the thumbs up beside two prawn farm caretakers with their newly purchased Upekkha yellow SD400WS scrubber machine in their prawn farm enclosure.
Upekkha salesperson in blue taking a picture with a customer that has just purchased a large order of cleaning products.
A Upekkha salesperson in red taking a picture with a customer and his purchased cleaning products.
Upekkha SD400WS floor scrubber in HDPE tank.
Delivery of Upekkha manual push sweeper to customer.
Upekkha salesperson in green successfully delivering a Upekkha UpSweep UMS100 to a customer in white uniform at factory.