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Stainless Steel Shell Pedal Bin

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The Stainless Steel Shell Pedal Bin is the perfect addition to any home. It is made of stainless steel and features advanced Nano-coating that prevents fingerprints, water, and fouling. The clamshell design is both stylish and luxurious, making it perfect for use in hotels, bathrooms, or kitchens. No more bending down to take out the trash as the clamshell pedal makes it easy to use!

6L235 x 230 x 318 mmStainless Steel
10L296 x 260 x 450 mmStainless Steel
18L336 x 298 x 524 mmStainless Steel
30L375 x 340 x 690 mmStainless Steel
50L455 x 405 x 705 mmStainless Steel