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Justrite Oily Waste Can

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Keep your workspace safe and tidy with the Justrite Oily Waste Can. This can is specially designed to safely store rags and cloths soaked in flammable liquids, so you can rest easy knowing your work area is well-protected. The lid opens to no more than 60 degrees and stays closed when not in use, limiting oxygen exposure and preventing any potential fires. Plus, the round construction and elevated base ensure good air circulation around the can, helping to disperse heat and reduce moisture build-up. Made from durable steel with a powder-coat finish, this waste can is resistant to chemicals. Keep your workspace safe and clean with the Justrite Oily Waste Can.

Complaint with FM, UL, TUV & OSHA standards.

23L403(H) x 302 (D) mmYellow / RedSteel
38L464(H) x 354 (D) mmYellow / RedSteel