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Upekkha Air Freshener Chemical

SKU: C.14-10Categories: Air Freshener, Toilet Deodorizer Products

Looking to freshen up your space without resorting to harsh chemicals or overpowering fragrances? Upekkha Air Freshener Chemical is perfect for the job! This affordable and effective product deodorizes and refreshes with a pleasant scent, while reducing airborne bacteria that can cause malodors. Suitable for use in a variety of spaces – from offices and homes to restaurants and hotels – Upekkha Air Freshener Chemical is an essential part of any healthy living arsenal.

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The perfect air freshener and deodorizer product to combat malodors and stenches produced from bacteria! An affordable and effective solution that is cheap for the amount you get in a 10KG packaging as compared to aerosol can sprays!



  • Deodorizes to counter malodors and refreshes with pleasant fragrance!

  • Reduces airborne bacteria that cause malodors!

  • Serves also as a disinfectant for floors while leaves a refreshing scent!

  • Suitable to be used in offices, homes, restaurants, retail shops and hotels!


  • For all places where malodors may persist or where a refreshing scent may be desired.

  • Widely used in washrooms, corridors, guest rooms, offices, etc.


  • Can be used either with a spray bottle or a pressurised air dispenser.

  • When disinfecting of floors is desired, a 1 part Bloom Air Freshener to 1 part of water ratio is used.
    Ratio of 1 : 50 can be used for most purposes.


Avoid spraying into the eyes. If accidental contact does happen, flush with ample clean water for 2 minutes.



  1. Appearance: Clear transparent coloured liquid.

  2. pH (1% solution): 5.0-7.0

  3. Sg: 0.990 – 1.010 @ degree Celsius

  4. Shelf life: 1 year in good storage condition.