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Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryer

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The Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryer is perfect for high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, and office buildings. It’s made with durable stainless steel and weld-free front cover, so it’s vandal resistant and built to last. Plus, it features advanced infrared body sensing technology that automatically disinfects your hands when you use it. So convenient!


  1. Dimension: 235W x 200D x 245H mm
  2. Rated Voltage: 220V
  3. Current: 10.0A
  4. Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
  5. Rated Power: 2100W
  6. Noise: 40dB
  7. Air Speed: 30m/s
  8. Water Splash Proof: IPX1
  9. Weight: 3.25kgs