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Window Washer

SKU: V-WWMCategories: Window Cleaning

The Window Washer is an ergonomically designed cleaning tool that is perfect for commercial and industrial use. The dedicated handle provides a solid grip and even agitation pressure, while the lightweight plastic construction reduces operator fatigue. The Window Washer can be used with Upekkha’s Telescopic Pole for high-reaching areas and hangs conveniently from the handle frame after use. A cotton sleeve washer is included, and refills are available from Upekkha.

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  • Dedicated handle providing a solid ergonomic grip!
  • Ergonomically designed plastic handle that provides even agitation pressure for effective cleaning!
  • Lightweight handle made of plastic to reduce weariness of the operator!
  • Improves window cleaning tasks in terms of efficiency!
  • Able to be used with Upekkha’s Telescopic Pole for unreachable high areas!
  • Hang it anywhere through the dedicated hole of the plastic handle frame after usage!
  • Replaceable cotton sleeve washer through purchasable refills from Upekkha!
  • An affordable cleaning tool suitable for both commercial and industrial usage!
  • Multipurpose agitator washing tool to be used on mirrors and shower glass doors too!